Paper Work is a print and packaging design studio established by letterpress printmaker Andrew James. We work with all sizes of businesses, brands, agencies, and institutions to create unique printed matter. With a strong focus on traditional graphic arts techniques, we craft excellent paper-based goods that enhance graphic design and visual identities. Our commitment to quality is unmatched as we understand the landscape of print design and answer to challenges and changes to meet our client's needs. 

We boast a full fleet of printing presses and graphic arts equipment in-house that enable us to craft almost anything out of paper. Our specialty is paper packaging and commercial print. Our goal is to make great paper products accessible to you and your business with ease.

Paperwork is dedicated to sustainable printing. This means using equipment that improves with age, and comes from an era before plastics and disposable culture. It means using the fewest non-reusable parts possible, and only enviroblend papers with Forestry-Stewardship Certification. It also means making products that end up in frames instead of the garbage.